The world’s first blockchain-powered satellite


Kerala-based Accubits aims to send a low-Earth orbit satellite to space to establish a blockchain ledger to enable a secure transactional network for financial and IoT systems.

How telco major Vodafone can help startups scale

Navnath Wadekar

At YourStory’s Future of Work, the GM of Startup Business, Digital & Alternate Channels at Vodafone explains how the telco is helping startups and SMEs find their target audience.

Meet Parimal Gandhi, the four-time cancer survivor

Parimal Gandhi Monday Motivation

Parimal Gandhi is a four-time cancer survivor

Four-time cancer survivor Parimal Gandhi has had to deal with an eye disorder, cardiac bypass, diabetes, and hypertension, and still thinks his is a life well-lived.

Why startups should go beyond fundraising


YCombinator partner Dalton Cantrell

Y Combinator sees 5X jump in Indian startup applications for its summer batch 2020. Partner Dalton Caldwell speaks about his expectations from the country’s ecosystem.

The fate of startups working on climate change in 2020

Startups Climate Change

Climate Change

Global focus on climate change and its impact have never been stronger. Startups are also working to find innovative and sustainable solutions, but are investors following suit?

Meet power bank rental startup Plugo

Plugo founders

Nawal Lodha (right) and Abhishek Kumar, Co-founders of Plugo

Nasscom-incubated startup Plugo calls itself the ‘Bounce for power bank rentals’. Users can rent and share power banks through a simple mobile app.

These small-town businesses are now multi-crore brands

small town business

With a penchant for risk and a sound business idea, an entrepreneur can create success from anywhere. Here’s some who started small and built multi-crore businesses.

Avenue Growth uses tech to solve sales issues for brands

Avenue Growth

Sales-as-a-service startup Avenue Growth is killing two birds with one stone – helping young brands get their business ahead while generating employment for thousands.

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