Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com announced on Friday it has rolled out its new anti-phishing email feature to help protect exchange users against phishing attempts. According to Crypto.com, the anti-phishing email feature helps reinforce the platform’s  Defense in Depth approach.

“With this new feature, we are looking forward to helping our users transact with improved security and peace of mind.”

Crypto.com also revealed that email phishing has become common on crypto platforms and in the financial services sector in general. The platform noted typical attacks involve hackers sending misleading emails disguised to look like legitimate emails sent by a bank to its customers to “phish” for personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords.

To put things into perspective, the UK government’s recently established Suspicious Email Reporting Service reported over half a million reported scams involving cryptocurrency investment lures in this April and May alone.”

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com is aiming to accelerate the “world’s transition” to cryptocurrency. Its key products include the Crypto.com App, the MCO Visa Card, and the Crypto.com Chain. The platform recently announced it has reduced withdrawal fees for a total of 12 cryptocurrencies. 

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