Baer Chain CEO gives an academic speech at Cambridge and accepted media interview

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On June 25th, Baer Chain’s Curvature Navigation academic conference was successfully held at the University of Cambridge. At the conference, the CEO of Baer Chain, Vincent, delivered an academic speech on the topic of the blockchain and its applications and discussed with other blockchain experts on the topic of the development direction of blockchain application in the future.

After the conference, a well-known blockchain media interviewed Vincent to learn more about Baer Chain’s MainNet and the advantages of Baer Chain’s technology on the development of blockchain games.

In April, MEP (Million Ecology Project) widely attracted attention from people in the industry. The supernode campaign, which was started synchronously, successfully elected 21 main nodes and 30 alternative nodes. After the Baer Chain Node Committee’s proposal No. 1 was approved, Baer Chain officially entered new decentralized governance. A supernode team, Baer LA, successfully developed a block explorer, and also marked the entry of Baer Chain into the decentralized technology development phase.

At the beginning of June, Baer Chain’s beta test of MainNet was officially launched. What does the mainnet mean to Baer Chain? Vincent made a vivid metaphor:

“The mainnet’s effect on the Baer Chain ecology is like the foundation of a skyscraper. The launch of the mainnet indicates that the Baer Chain ecosystem officially began and more users will join in. The construction of the Baer Chain ecosystem will enter a new chapter from technology research and development to application.”

When talking about more details about Baer Chain’s mainnet open beta testing, Vincent revealed that many teams are actively developing ecological application scenarios on the mainnet and striving to provide good technologies and data for he mainnet. By jointly discovering problems, they will optimize and improve the performance of the mainnet together. This is also the purpose of the mainnet’s open beta testing.

In addition, Vincent expressed his view on the future development of the game industry:

“Currently, the overall trend of the game industry is continuously rising. As far as I am concerned, this trend will not change in the next couples of years. To maintain this long-term growth advantage, it is necessary to seek new possibilities in terms of technology and ecology. Blockchain technology can solve some of the limitations of traditional games and protect the interests of players and developers to a great extent.”

Thus, Vincent believes that if the game industry seeks to make a breakthrough, it is the trend to combine with the blockchain.

When Vincent was asked why he chose to hold the conference at Cambridge, he explained:

“The reason why we finally decided to hold our event at Cambridge is that Cambridge has a strong academic atmosphere and because we hoped to work with experts to explore the most advanced academic research in the blockchain. This year, cryptocurrency experienced another round of bull markets. However, we must know that cryptocurrency is only a very small part of the development of blockchain technology. The more we are in this capital market, the more we should be rational as the pioneers of the blockchain game industry. We should switch the focus of the industry to the root of blockchain technology, listen to the voice of the academic community, and more importantly, understand the trends of blockchain technology.”

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