• Cryptocurrency payments will start in Russia by 2021.
  • The new government body will be shaped this month in Russia.
  • Belarus election will have an impact on Russia this month.

August will be a very interesting month for Russia, as well as its neighbors. Belarus holds its presidential elections on Sunday, new forms of patronage will have to be doled out by President Putin, and in the Far East, trouble continues to brew. On top of all this, the Coronavirus remains a problem.

The LDPR — Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is a socially conservative, nationalist, economically interventionist political party in Russia led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky since its founding in 1989. Despite the party’s name, it is frequently described as “neither liberal nor democratic.”

This week, there was an announcement pertaining to cryptocurrency. In 2021, it will be possible to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency in Russia. The law also covers the specifics of the activities of the operator of the information system in which digital financial assets are issued, and the operator of the exchange of digital financial assets, as well as relations arising from the circulation of digital currency in the Russian Federation.

Certain groups of influence will try to get the best possible positions during the autumn redistribution of functions between state authorities when a new body, the State Council, will emerge as a result of the constitutional reform. This is completely different from the current version of this body.

The emergence of such a body will require personnel replacement, and, consequently, the strengthening of certain groups of influence in these positions. As a result, tectonic shifts must also take place in other authorities – The state Duma, the Federation Council, the Government, and the Presidential Administration.

The reform vote was held on July 1st, and they passed. The official verbatim text of the changes is available here.

It should be noted that Russia, a conglomerate of political interest groups, is in power, while their functions and their positions are painted, and the interference of certain groups in the space of other groups can become the basis for a very serious problem.

Russian president Vladimir Putin determines the political course, taking into account the balance of interests of these groups. On the other hand, he is the one who can balance the interests of these groups. However, any tectonic shift is associated with attempts by interested political actors to take certain positions.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August 2020. Long-term president Alexander Lukashenko has announced he will run for a sixth term in office, having won every presidential election since independence in 1991, and is heavily-favored to win again.

This, in turn, implies very interesting shuffles in the power potentials of these groups, as well as scenarios related to the undermining and strengthening of the influence of such groups before the decisive battle for the state Council. It is important for the West to pay attention to those shuffles to understand a certain trajectory in the “New Putin Russia.”

Moreover, Khabarovsk remains an unsolved issue. The governor of Khabarovsk was arrested on murder charges and replaced by the Kremlin with a new, interim governor from the same party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR).

Additionally, Sunday’s election in Belarus and future dealigns are still in question. There is a possibility of the major changes within the relationship, or lack there of. An outright coup in Belarus also remains a possibility.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to play a role. Even though there is a Russian-made vaccine, many within Russia are skeptical about it. Many do not want to be vaccinated this month, as no one knows the possible side effects and long term effects.

Thus, in the conditions of the ongoing struggle, loud revelations and sudden manifestations of socio-political activity of citizens (including those inspired by the will of interested parties) may be unavoidable. They will accompany us throughout the month, so that in September, they will turn into actual personnel appointments.

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